Thermal Ribbon Calculations

How Many Ribbons Do I Need to Print My Job?

Ribbon Calculation

  1. First, determine the REPEAT of the label you are printing. For example, if you have 4" x 6" labels with a 1/8" gap between:
  2. Ribbon Calculation
  3. Next, determine the number of feet you are printing.
  4. Ribbon Calculation
  5. Lastly, determine the number of ribbons you need.
  6. Ribbon Calculation

Round up to 72, the nearest case quantity, to factor for waste.

Try our Ribbons per Roll Calculator tool to find out how many ribbons you need annually to run your business!

How Many Feet of Ribbon Do I Need Per Roll?

  1. Find the number of inches per roll of labels.
  2. Ribbon Calculation
  3. Convert calculation to feet.
  4. Ribbon Calculation

You need approximately 510 feet of ribbon to print 1 roll of 4" x 6" labels.

How Many Labels Will a Roll of Ribbon Print?

  1. Convert the ribbon length into inches. For example, if you have 1,476' ribbon rolls:
  2. Ribbon Calculation
  3. Divide the number of inches by the repeat of the label.
  4. Ribbon Calculation

Round down to approximately 2850 labels printed with a 1476' foot ribbon.


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