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Peak-Ryzex Direct gives small and midsize businesses the power
to grow through industrial supply chain technology.

Control Costs & Reduce Operating Expenses

Don't let budget constraints restrict your buying power. Minimize upfront costs with the Pay Your Way program, designed to help businesses like yours keep operating costs low.
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Get Personalized Attention

Because Peak-Ryzex Direct only focuses on small and midsize businesses, you can expect quick, reliable responses from dedicated account managers and technical experts. Whether you need advice on your initial purchase or post-implementation support and service, we're here to help.

Confront Pressure from Larger Competitors

We give businesses with limited IT resources access to the same technologies used by larger enterprise competitors. Our upgrade program can help you level the playing field with competitors by trading up your hardware to the latest version.
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Simplify the Integration Process

Reduce business complexity and systems integration issues. Deploy new hardware, software and systems with minimal disruption to your current operations. Our experienced team of Solutions Architects will guide you through each step to ensure the success of your technology deployment.

Scale Your Operations

Empower business growth with a Peak-Ryzex Direct solution that supports your needs today and scales with you in the future. As your business expands, we'll help you find the right technologies and equipment to support your growing operations.
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What Our Clients are Saying

Barcode Scanning and Printing Just Got Easier

Our barcode scanning systems are designed to save you time and money. Whether you're looking to implement barcoding for the first time or scale up your existing operations, we've built an easy-to-use kit for you.

Label Printer
Barcode Scanner

Focus on Your Business, Not Barcoding

Simplify the process of choosing a barcode scanning system. We've done the work so you don't have to! Stop worrying about compatibility between labels and printers, and focus on your business.

All kits include a barcode printer, scanner, inventory management software plus the corresponding media and supplies to get you up and running quickly.

Choose the Kit that's Right for You

Get only what you need without unnecessary complexities or costs.
Easy installation means you'll be up and running quickly with no hassle.

Starter Kit - Starter

Essential Starter Kit

Get started with barcode scanning

The Starter kit is designed for low duty printing/scanning volume of less than 100 labels per day. This all-purpose kit works best for basic inventory control and asset tracking. While the Starter kit is suitable for many types of businesses, it is typically beneficial for asset management, warehousing and inventory applications. This kit is well suited for small businesses looking to move from spreadsheet-based tracking to a more comprehensive system.

Starter Kit - Pro

Pro Starter Kit

Take your barcoding to the next level

The Pro kit is designed for medium duty printing/scanning volume of 100 to 300 labels per day. If your business is experiencing an increase in the volume of label printing and shipping, your current operation will need to scale to accommodate growth. Typical applications include asset management, warehousing, inventory, ticketing, delivery and service applications. Our customized options can help you meet the demands of customers that require specialized labels.

Starter Kit - Expert

Expert Starter Kit

Upgrade or replace your barcode technology and equipment

The Expert kit is designed for heavy duty printing/scanning volume of more than 300 labels per day. This type of system typically works best for larger companies with more than 100 employees that require high-end industrial printers in multiple warehouse locations. The Expert kit offers automation capabilities to enable printing from mobile computers and other devices.


Why Peak-Ryzex Direct

We understand the pressure of rising operating costs, systems integration issues and competition from larger companies. That's why Peak-Ryzex Direct offers programs to help your business meet these unique challenges.