Aggreko Case Study

Founded in the Netherlands in 1962, Aggreko is the world’s largest temporary power generation company and a major supplier of temperature control equipment. Aggreko has a presence in over 45 countries and employs more than 6,000 people worldwide.

This is a fantastic achievement for the entire Aggreko business, Aggreko Technology Services and Peak-Ryzex team. We’ve all worked together to make this electronic system a reality for our worldwide operations. I know that when we deploy to a site anywhere in the world Peak- Ryzex will have ensured the right device, with the right configuration will be at the right place at the right time. It allows us to concentrate on training and rolling out our mobile solution without worrying about the hardware and its operating system. - Kenny McLellan, Applications Services Manager at Aggreko Technology Service


Aggreko were utilising a paper-based system that could take several days to process and close their service orders. Even once the decision to move to an electronic, mobile solution was made, they still needed a reliable rollout worldwide – and to be able to scale up rollouts over time.


Peak-Ryzex worked with Aggreko to ensure they had appropriate devices for their global requirements. A key requirement from Aggreko was that different sites might have different requirements – so Peak-Ryzex ensure that the right device with the right configuration reaches the right site at the right time. To date, Peak-Ryzex have supplied more than 2,000 Motorola devices to Aggreko sites worldwide.


The solution implemented by Peak-Ryzex alleviates any worries Aggreko might have regarding hardware and operating systems, allowing them to focus on user training and general rollout. The replacement of the original paper-based system has saved them time and labour, and at the same time has improved customer service.